How to use Google Groups

Google Groups (Google mailing lists)


Create mailing lists and forums, share files, folders, Google Calendars, and Classic sites with team members using one email address.


Introduction to Google Groups

How to access Google Groups

From your Gmail browser tab, click on the application_launcher.png Application Launcher found at the top right corner of the page and find the Screen_Shot_2017-01-24_at_4.50.29_PM.png Groups application icon, or from your browser navigate to:

Learn More about Google Groups

Google Groups use cases

  • Use Google Groups to create a small to extra large email list that you can share and control with others
  • You can add team members to a Google Group and share Google Documents and other files with everybody in the Group
  • Invite a Google Group to a Google Calendar event.

Service Notes

  • When inviting a Google Group that has 200+ members to a Google Calendar event, the creator of the event will NOT be notified or see who has accepted / declined the invitation
  • When sharing Google documents or folders with a Google Group that has 200+ members, Those members will have to click the share link in the sharing notification email in order to access the shared documents or folders


How to Modify Google Groups - Emails

Find and Join a Group

Update Group Details


How to Modify Google Groups - Making someone else Manager

Set who can view, post, & moderate

Update group details


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