Google Storage Limit: Alumni

APU has used many Google Workspace for Education products (e.g., Gmail, Google Sheets, Docs, Forms, etc.). The use of these products has been free and unlimited until now. Google recently announced that they are introducing a fee structure for Google Workspace storage which means institutions like APU will incur charges for using/storing these products beyond a set quota. 

Due to Google’s policy changes, and in order to use student tuition responsibly, APU is instituting a limit on total storage for a combined total of Gmail, Photos, and Google Drive. 

We will begin applying the following change for all Alumni and Fall 2022 Graduates on June 7th 2023:

1 GB storage limit on total storage across all Google products.

Check Your Google Storage Usage

  • We encourage you to check your APU Google account storage usage at, and sign in with your APU NetID and password. 

Accounts Using Over 1 GB

  • If your APU Google Drive account storage is larger than 1 GB, you can use Google Takeout to transfer data to your personal Google accounts or other cloud storage services. You can also delete items from your APU Google products, or download your data and move it to a more appropriate location. Visit How to download your Google data for instructions.


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